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Jake Bugg – “Trouble Town”

A brilliant singer/songwriter of today is just beginning, with two albums; the first self-titled released in 2012, and the second “Shangri La” landing solidly in the music world, partially co-written by Iain Archer, and with direct inspiration from the legendary Rick Rubin.

Influenced by many of the greatest,  former Clifton, Nottingham resident Jake Bugg, at 19 years old is representing Donovan in attitude and looks, while singing like Paul McCartney with a rugged pearly tone. Add the energy of old time rock n’ roll, the twang of a gee-tar, and a folksy beat, and you have Mr. Bugg in a nutshell. Notice I didn’t say anything about his lyrics? No nutshell is big enough for those.  Thanks KEXP for a great live video! In this order check out “Lightning Bolt”, “Broken”, & “There’s a Beast & We All Feed It”.

Angus & Julia Stone – “A Heartbreak”

Angus & Julia Stone are the Australian sibling dynamic duo of 2014. You may have followed them since the start, and if so you would remember their 2005 EP “Chocolates & Cigarettes”. Since 2005, 3 albums have released including one of my favorites, ‘Down The Way’, an impressive album to leave lingering in our palms as Angus & Julie continued to swim off into solo waters. These two are fascinating, enigmatic is a frequent term used for both their music and personalities. With haunting voices reminiscent of the best in our mom and pop era, wandering melodies that dance in a magical, child-like day dream world, this acoustic folk band is branded forever. Check out their latest self-titled album produced by Rick Rubin.

Listen to every album, song by song by both individuals and band. Make sure to listen to “Mango Tree” from Down The Way if you want to run away. As for Julia Stone, both “This Love” from the Memory Machine, & “Its all okay” from By The Horns, take the cake and run with it. Angus Stone slows your soul with “Monsters” & “Clouds Above”, both from Broken Brights.“I think I’m constantly introverting to that place, to that pocket I’ve always wanted to live inside amongst the songs & the tales that I’ve written. – Words of wisdom from Angus Stone.


Announcement of the month!


So for those of you who didn’t know, I base my choices off of any band that has any song with less than 5 million views. I tend to lean towards less than 1 million views unless there is need for an exception (i.e. incredibly talented and brilliant musicians). One band could have 100 mind-blowing songs, but due to the media we only have exposure to 1, the big hit. As much passion goes into every song made, and the spotlight is on the artist as a whole. Big names will not be excluded from the line-up, though at posting we will never feature their most famous songs (though views can rise after my posting based on popularity and exposure). I look forward to sharing with you, everything that I can find.

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Twin Forks – “Kiss Me Darling”

Boca Raton, Florida based band Twin Forks consists of Dashboard Confessional lead singer What!?) Chris Carrabba, Suzie Zeldin, Ben Homola, Jonathan Clark, Shawn Zorn, Kelsie Baronoski, and Kimmy Baronoski.

The Short sweet and well worded love song leaves a dewy residue lingering in your mind. Twin Forks songs are a little on the “jig” side. Carrabba’s scratchy, and poppy voice still haunts my teenage dreams (not in a good way), with songs like “Vindicated”. The combination of Folk Americana with an emo voice is definitely a trip outside of the ordinary, but Twin Forks still stands in the shadows of the mainstream Folk blowout (aka The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons).

Milky Chance – “Down By The River”

Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch from Kassel,Germany create a smooth and balanced sound with Clemens rich, grating voice & guitar, & Philipp’s soft back-up vocals & electronic accompaniment. Melancholy lyrics and creamy sounds make this band an A-list in my book. With one album “Sadnecessary”. Song success similar to Alt-J with also just one album. I look forward to what Milky Chance can bring us in the future. Check out the following: “Indigo”, “Stolen Dance”,”Running”, “Flashed Junk Mind’, & “Sweet Sun”. Actually just buy the album, its all good.


Caravan Palace – “Clash”

Electro-swing is the most exciting genre I have found yet. Parisian French band Caravan Palace is a stellar example of this genre. The seven member band consists of Zoé Colotis, Arnaud Vial, Hugues Payen, Camille Chapelière, Charles Delaporte, Antoine Toustou, and Paul-Marie Barbier. They debuted with “Caravan Palace”, then released “Panic!” in 2012. What a show to see live. Check out any live performance and especially “Dramophone”, “Jolie Coquine” & Rock It For Me”.

The Chemical Brothers – The Test

Yesterday’s classic and raw Electronic, that is what Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons created, and continue to create. Manchester U.K. based duo debuted with “Exit Planet Dust” in 1995 followed by seven studio albums and a plethora of singles, compilations and more. Featured in several movies, from “Hanna” to “Black Swan”. Bands like The Chemical Brothers with little exposure among our oblivious main streamed river of youthful society are the foundations of Electronic, the building blocks that should be mentioned with any modern music. Check out “Further” if you want to transcend and “Escape Velocity” if you want to listen to the past and relate to the present scene in big beat techno.

Artist of the Month – Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux is a shiny and clean Swedish DJ & music producer with crisp and clear beats not lacking in originality that should be heard playing on the Electronica stations or blasting in VIP nightclubs. His live performance was stellar though his persona  lacking in drama. Sweat dripping off a brow and looking as if they temporarily exist in oblivion, this is what I want to see, where nothing but the music exists. This was not Lux’s usual scene, and I was disappointed in the energy of the crowd. A dirty club in downtown Portland with a handful of people is not where I would expect to see Adrian ever again. His live shows should be in vibrant venues, with swarming crowds of energetic fans.

His 1st EP “Strawberry” has a consistent and addictive classic sound whereas “Make-out” which was released June 3rd leans more towards a metallic, poppy vibe. My favorite songs are “Damaged”, “Burning”, “Can’t Sleep”, “Strawberry”, and “Wild Child”. I’m sold.

STRFKR keyboardist Patrick Morris @ Sasquatch Music Festival 2012 ©

Stellar band from Portland, Oregon. STRFKR puts on quite a show. Expect a feature in the near future.

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