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WTF?! 2015

Dust filled the sky and coated the skin of 4,000 festival goers at What The Festival 2015. Set in the backwoods of Mt. Hood National forest with panoramic views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, What The Festival celebrated EDM unlike any other. Focusing on health, freedom of expression, and connectedness WTF! also awed festival goers with spectacular displays of interactive art.

WTF?! promotes health-conscious living and flamboyance in every area. Serving hungered tribal dancers in man thongs vegan, zesty Mexican quinoa salads or spray painted fairy mermaids mouth watering grass-fed steak salads.

Camping is nestled in a forest of Ponderosa pines which offer shade and plenty of hammock space for campers. Only a football field away, the walk to the venue is short. If you get tired, retreat to the tent for an afternoon siesta.

What the festival also offers amazing movement classes to stretch out, a wonderland themed hookah lounge, a 24 hour outdoor cinema featuring independent films, and more. The illuminated forest expands your mind with interactive art exhibits, mind-games, vision changer’s, and light-shows. With several stages to choose from, accessing every show was easy! Outside food/water is allowed in the festival and you won’t have to miss a thing because the two stages won’t be playing your favorite bands at the same time. Security actually cares about the attendees, people are friendly and team work seems to fly high at WTF?!. Not for the faint of heart, bring lots of love, lots of energy, and don’t forget your bandana.

Ed Sheeran and Rudimental – “Bloodstream”

Super-star Ed Sheeran and Rudimental collaborated to create this incredible video for the YTMA’s. “Bloodstream” is another example of the brilliant projects that Rudimental are able to create with singers that represent our time, and upcoming mind blowing vocal talents. Anne-Marie, Ella Eyre, Foxes, John Newman, Alex Clare, Becky Hill, MNEK, & Emeli Sande’ have all been featured in Rudimental’s jaw-dropping and addictive Youtube hits. Rudimental is a 4 man band from England consisting of Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith. Their first album “Home” released in 2013, and the band has only been active since 2010, already winning multiple awards such as the Brit, Mobo, and multiple Platinum awards for chart topping sales internationally. Most of Rudimental’s videos have 5-20+ million views. Everyone should know both Ed Sheeran, and Rudimental. Check out Rudimental’s entire album, watch every video, listen to every song. Start a Pandora station. This video is joyously under my limit at the moment at 631,986 views, and has only been available for 1 day on Youtube. Breaking news, and I’ve got it.

Ella Eyre – “If I Go”

20 year old Londoner, Ella Eyre has drifted into the music world in only 3 years. Her Debut album “Deeper” released in December of 2013. Ella has been featured in songs with bands such as Bastille, Rudimental, and Naughty Boy already and is working with producers & co-writers that are guaranteed to make her shine brighter than the star she already is. Eyre has the edge of Amy Winehouse, the delivery of Adele, and the drawl of Alecia Keys at times.  Her second album “Feline” will be on shelves May 15th of this year. Check out “Home”, “Come back”, “Deeper”, “Going on”,  & “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off”. Views at the time of this post on Bangorang: 4,635,367.

Mikky Ekko – “Smile”

Remember Rihanna’s chart topping hit”Stay”? Yes, this is the same male vocal in that song. Mikky Ekko, a native Louisianian impresses females with his masculine, yet longing voice and deeply moving lyrics. Ekko’s debut album “Time” was released in January of this year, and is gaining popularity with force. His tunes vibe in multiple influences but he goes by the genre “post-pop”. I taste some pop, with a splash of jazz, optional acoustic, a teaspoon of electronic, a quick dash of hip-hop, and meddled with a little R&B. His first album is obviously immediately impressive. Check out “Mourning Doves”, “Kids”, “Time”. Current views when posted to Bangorang: 933,514

MØ – Glass

MØ = a bad*ss solo female electro-pop artist from Denmark. With ritualistic beats that absorb in your skin and bounce back like a vibration in jello. 26 year old Karen Marie Ørstead’s (Aka MØ)“I don’t give damn” attitude is what will surely sell her. We have enough froufrou girls parading around with their airbrushed bodies and refrained personalities. Superficiality is something she avoids, with a simple upbringing, and a solid love for nature. MØ is sure to please, a tomboy for the masses, real & raw, with the intensity of a rock star. Her entire album “No Mythologies to Follow” is worth playing on repeat. Total views on “Glass” when posted to Bangorang?  1,433,376.

Vance Joy!


With melancholic rhythm and folk influences its hard to do anything but snap and sway to Melbourne, Australian native “Vance Joy’s” latest album. “Dream Your Life Away” is a joyous addition to his already steady career in music (he signed a 5 album deal with Atlantic Records). Joy welcomed a full house of single men in their mid 50‘s, hipster couples, and indie nation tween girls to the WOW Hall in Eugene, OR. He sang to our romantically challenged hearts as his shiny cheeks blushed, and his jerry curls slipped repeatedly into his eyes. “Mess Is Mine” is my favorite song on the album. I featured “Riptide” in December of 2013 with little over a million views, and it blows my mind that it has reached of 43 million in a year. He will be touring next year with the infamous “Taylor Swift”. The mainstream river swallowed our Joy this time. 😉 

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

There is an endless depth that this song reaches in your soul if you really listen to it. Nutini’s soul dripping voice buttered in passion and jazz could make any overly emotional eyes swell with tears. Paisley U.K. native Paolo Nutini has trodden down several musical roads. All inspired by his roots but varying in style. Some criticize his lack of consistency, but I praise him for it. Producing albums that aren’t solidly consistent but still brilliantly successful is quite the achievement. His new album “Caustic Love” is stellar through and through, it doesn’t get repetitive and it doesn’t get old. “Iron Sky” is just over 5 million views right now.  Check out “One Day”, “Let Me Down Easy”, & my personal feminine favorite “Better Man”.

Chet Faker – “Gold”

Chet Faker’s (Aka Nick Murphy) debut album “Built On Glass” released this past spring hallows sax n’ soul and sultry male vocals leaving you restless and relaxed, soothed and sporadically satisfied. Faker is yet another Australian to take the cake as a new musician breaking into fame with jazzy soul filled renditions directly influenced by Chet Baker and other ground breaking jazz musicians from none other than Mo-Town. Baker died the year Faker (Murphy) was born, random fact of the day. Check out “No Diggity”, “Talk Is Cheap”, & “1998”. The entire album is worth listening to, from beginning to end.

Klangkarussell – “Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)”

With one album “Netzwerk”, Austrian natives Tobias Rieser and Adrien Held produced the smooth LP and pushed the limits with an elastic beginning. Both members were childhood friends who fell victim the spread of the wings syndrome that we all have come accustomed too. After years had passed they were re-united by Facebook and its creepy but connecting wonders.

Sonnetanz being their biggest blowout with nearly 20 million views and chart topping numbers around the world, their jazzy, creamy, European homegrown beats leave us moving our bodies just slightly with a smile. Their deep house, electronic renditions including unique instrumentals and vocals such as the accordion, sax, and tribal chants will give us another album worth waiting for. Check out “Ways To Heaven”, “We Want Your Soul”, “Symmetry” & “Moments Ft. Will Heard”. Or go for the solid set “Hitparade” for close to 2 hours of continuousness.

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