Folk, Classical, Electronic, Country, Pop, Bluegrass, Reggae, Jazz & Blues bands at your fingertips. Professional photography & opinions as a side dish.

My goal is to promote new, underexposed, and original sounds utilizing intensive web surfing, & word of mouth. Alternative is NOT a genre. It assumes something we can’t categorize can fit into a genre. When we have a genre, we have a stereotype, we have a source for the mainstream. Avoid the intentionally created cookie cutter. Take the plunge. In the future, Genres could be extinct. We are after all, in the Aquarian Age. Where the world as we know it crumbles around us to create room for the evolution of our consciousness. A Golden Era for creativity, and exploration.

Note on the Editor:

Emma Jones at your service. 27 years of age, living in a coastal town the size of your high school. Chosen career path (photography) influenced by rejecting the consumer driven lifestyle, to connect with that which exists without force. Originally from the U.K., a home-schooled, disconnected child traveling the U.S. with only musicians, artists, philosophers as my friends. Their ideas drove me to turn every idea i’ve had into a reality. Now I am an opinionated, zealous, obviously unaware introvert, directly impressed by odd stories, divinely inspired sounds, awkward creatives, and their creations. I have loved, and lost, dreamed and lived, learned and grown with much more of all of those to do. I hope we can relate.