With melancholic rhythm and folk influences its hard to do anything but snap and sway to Melbourne, Australian native “Vance Joy’s” latest album. “Dream Your Life Away” is a joyous addition to his already steady career in music (he signed a 5 album deal with Atlantic Records). Joy welcomed a full house of single men in their mid 50‘s, hipster couples, and indie nation tween girls to the WOW Hall in Eugene, OR. He sang to our romantically challenged hearts as his shiny cheeks blushed, and his jerry curls slipped repeatedly into his eyes. “Mess Is Mine” is my favorite song on the album. I featured “Riptide” in December of 2013 with little over a million views, and it blows my mind that it has reached of 43 million in a year. He will be touring next year with the infamous “Taylor Swift”. The mainstream river swallowed our Joy this time. 😉