A brilliant singer/songwriter of today is just beginning, with two albums; the first self-titled released in 2012, and the second “Shangri La” landing solidly in the music world, partially co-written by Iain Archer, and with direct inspiration from the legendary Rick Rubin.

Influenced by many of the greatest,  former Clifton, Nottingham resident Jake Bugg, at 19 years old is representing Donovan in attitude and looks, while singing like Paul McCartney with a rugged pearly tone. Add the energy of old time rock n’ roll, the twang of a gee-tar, and a folksy beat, and you have Mr. Bugg in a nutshell. Notice I didn’t say anything about his lyrics? No nutshell is big enough for those.  Thanks KEXP for a great live video! In this order check out “Lightning Bolt”, “Broken”, & “There’s a Beast & We All Feed It”.