Angus & Julia Stone are the Australian sibling dynamic duo of 2014. You may have followed them since the start, and if so you would remember their 2005 EP “Chocolates & Cigarettes”. Since 2005, 3 albums have released including one of my favorites, ‘Down The Way’, an impressive album to leave lingering in our palms as Angus & Julie continued to swim off into solo waters. These two are fascinating, enigmatic is a frequent term used for both their music and personalities. With haunting voices reminiscent of the best in our mom and pop era, wandering melodies that dance in a magical, child-like day dream world, this acoustic folk band is branded forever. Check out their latest self-titled album produced by Rick Rubin.

Listen to every album, song by song by both individuals and band. Make sure to listen to “Mango Tree” from Down The Way if you want to run away. As for Julia Stone, both “This Love” from the Memory Machine, & “Its all okay” from By The Horns, take the cake and run with it. Angus Stone slows your soul with “Monsters” & “Clouds Above”, both from Broken Brights.“I think I’m constantly introverting to that place, to that pocket I’ve always wanted to live inside amongst the songs & the tales that I’ve written. – Words of wisdom from Angus Stone.