Adrian Lux is a shiny and clean Swedish DJ & music producer with crisp and clear beats not lacking in originality that should be heard playing on the Electronica stations or blasting in VIP nightclubs. His live performance was stellar though his persona  lacking in drama. Sweat dripping off a brow and looking as if they temporarily exist in oblivion, this is what I want to see, where nothing but the music exists. This was not Lux’s usual scene, and I was disappointed in the energy of the crowd. A dirty club in downtown Portland with a handful of people is not where I would expect to see Adrian ever again. His live shows should be in vibrant venues, with swarming crowds of energetic fans.

His 1st EP “Strawberry” has a consistent and addictive classic sound whereas “Make-out” which was released June 3rd leans more towards a metallic, poppy vibe. My favorite songs are “Damaged”, “Burning”, “Can’t Sleep”, “Strawberry”, and “Wild Child”. I’m sold.