When a band cannot be put in a genre, and no one knows what to call them, they are immediately titled “Alternative”. This is what New York based “Break Of Reality” is in our era, not clearly labeled or needed to be. Playing brilliant covers of already composed songs, and writing their own incredible originals, Break Of Reality consists of four talented musicians, Laura Metcalf, Patrick Laird, Martin Torch-Ishii, & Ivan Trevino.

By playing songs such as the theme of “Game Of Thrones”, an assortment by J.S. Bach, System Of A Downs “BYOB”, Tools “Lateralus” and Passengers “Let Her Go” their covers do not discriminate against those who aren’t as appreciative of classical music. There is diversity in this band that can connect with everyone. Check out all of their cover songs, but especially an older album:”Spectrum In The Sky” & “TEN” which was released on March 25th of this year.