New album “27 Ways” releasing on March 25th 2014 is a fresh and mightily powerful second album for the four-piece band; 3 years immersed into the music scene from the Mormon territory of Salt Lake City, Utah. Rock Americana is the bands chosen genre, impressive next to “alt” this, and “indie” that. Kyle Henderson & Tyler Osmond’s voices harmonize enough to shudder. All songs are lyrically & rhythmically twangy and memorable. Henderson’s voice alone has an old sound, from the Dylan and Cash days, when voices were raw, untouched by modern technology, raspy, and strong. Desert Noises are brilliant live, they are real, I didn’t see a show, a false image portrayed, just themselves and the stage, an incredible stage presence at that. “Oak Tree” from their last album is definitely worth a listen, and my advice; don’t take a second thought on buying “27 Ways”. “Out Of My Head” & “Mice In The Kitchen” are two more reasons to buy this album. Sold.