This song is simple. Honest. Real. There is something delicate, and powerful in his every word. Catchy and quick, political and pure. I shared this song on my Facebook, and it was removed 3 times by who knows who, who knows where. It might just be a little too political for the social media scene. Mason is from the North East U.S., New York born/ raised Tisbury Massachusetts to be specific. He has a message and a voice that will be remembered in American Music Culture, a necessity to the sound of music moving forward while holding onto the roots of old. I just hope in the future years of Mason’s career he doesn’t try too hard. That’s the biggest problem with bands making it big, we all the know the sell out, driving our attention spans wild with meat dresses, nudity, plaid shirts, popped collars, face paints, and straw hats. All they do is distract us from the issues that we want to worth through. A universal acknowledgement. Willy Mason is a natural, who spotlights issues musically that need to be recognized, a lyrical genius with more potential than any musician I’ve mentioned. Every song is a story. Willy Mason just is. Like Bob Dylan, or Paul Simon, or Nick Drake. He just delivers strategically beautiful songs. Listen to “Hard Hand to Hold”, & “Talk Me Down”. Every album seems as good as the last, listen to all of it to learn what you will.